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July 21, 2009
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The Plague Doctor by Oh-Mrs-O The Plague Doctor by Oh-Mrs-O
Fun with textures! 8D
As usual, a new collection of characters have been storming my mind over the past month or two. I'm starting to believe that coming up with a story before coming up with the characters may be a slightly better idea.
I'll keep that in mind next time I want to start something new.
Anyway, this is The Plague Doctor.

The Plague Doctor seems to be still in time, gathering dust. He's very gentle and passive by nature, quietly doing what he does. It's very difficult to tell what emotion he's feeling as he does everything with purpose at his own steady pace. It is a common misconception that The Plague Doctor is a healer. This is not true. He is, in fact, a sign of the innevitability of death.
Often times, he is percieved as a group of vultures, ominously present and patiently ever-watching.
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Domriso Jul 28, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Holy crap this is cool looking. And eerily similar to the Tengu from the Errant Apprentice...
Haha. I just googled "Errant Apprentice tengu" and this very post came up. XD
Domriso Aug 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Seriously? Hee.

If you didn't find it, here's a link to one of the pictures:

Without their masks it looks different, but when I first saw the thumbnail of your picture, I wondered if it was a fan art.
Ah, I see! Well, plague doctors are plague doctors, whatever way you look at them.
Oh my... ♥♥

This gives me such a propaganda-poster feeling, because of his armposture, he's almost like saluting someone (Death, of course)

the details in his mask are so lovely and the vultures looked like nasty ripped out teeth to me at first!!
His hand is actually something I'm not entirely happy about with this, and I kind of want to go back over it, but thank you none the less! <3
And I hadn't really thought of the vultures as looking like teeth before... Awesoooome.... @u@

Btw, I'm in a state of disarray, because I have no idea what I should fav in your gallery... because I want to fav everything! *facepalmdeath*
Hahahdfa you've welcome to favebomb \;_;/
Lotty-sama Sep 21, 2009
I love the masks that plauge doctors have, they're just so awesomely creepy *w* <33
The textures came out great, I love the brown colours :heart:
Why thank you! It actually took a stupidly long time, much longer than it should have, to come up with the right combination of those tones of brown. XP
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